Round Diego Composite High Pressed Laminate Table Tops Black


$79$89 inc. GST

The Diego is primed for a living room adventure, standing up to anything that comes its way. This adorable lightweight table top is a long lasting, low maintenance option in the new Pablo range. Being heat & water resistant this table top is a viable option for your undercover outdoor or alfresco areas.


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High pressed compact laminate table tops are a hard wearing and economical option ideally suited for cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs. They are a superior choice to melamine or polyurethane coated tops, and will not peel. The compact laminate’s hygienic properties and jointless surface are a perfect fit for hospitality furniture and will stand up well to scratches and stains.
Ideal for commercial spaces such as cafe, restaurant, club & pub

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial use.
• Covid-suitable non-porous surface makes it hygienic and easy to clean.
• Resistant to hot foods & cigarette burns.
• Superior wear resistance – stands up to scratches from crockery & utensils.
• Water resistant.
• Impact resistant – holds up well against rough handling.
• Low maintenance – easy to clean. Holds up well to stains.
• All Table Tops and Bases in the Pablo range have a 2 year commercial warranty against manufacturer’s faults.

• High pressed compact laminate with a jointless surface.
• 12mm thick.
• Pre-drilled for simple assembly to Pablo table & bar bases.
• Supplied in their own box, for easy delivery & handling.

• Diego table tops are also available in square and rectangle.

All prices include gst.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Diego table tops are 12mm thick.

Click the 'CHOOSE AN OPTION' above to see all sizes available.
Maintenance of Diego Table Tops

DAILY CLEANING: Using a mild household spray or a fat-dissolving agent that does not contain abrasives wipe down the laminate with a soft cloth. Dry using a soft cloth so as not to leave any cleaning solutions on the surface.

STAINS & DAMAGES: Compact laminate is resistant to everyday wear and tear but needs some attention for harsh conditions and staining. You may use Methylated Spirit on a soft cloth, using a circular cleaning motion. Thoroughly clean over the wider area with water and detergent on a damp cloth afterwards to remove any residual Methylated Spirit.

Any chemicals should be washed off so that they don’t keep working on the panels.

WARNING: Never use abrasive or highly aggressive cleaning products, such as steel sponges, scouring powder or other polishes , to clean laminate table tops, as they can scratch the surface and cause irreparable damage to your tabletop.
Avoid moving abrasive objects on the tabletop surface and also placing hot pots directly on it.
As with all furniture, do not leave table tops in direct sun for long periods. Dark surfaces heat up quickly – hot surfaces can also burn your customers!

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